Government of India

PMAY(Urban) & ASHA-India Awards 2019

ASHA-India for Incubation Support

S. No. Company Name Technology
1 Auroville Earth Institute (Hempcrete Builders) Hempcrete construction system
2 Anant National University Prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction using recycled plastic
3 Drishtee Foundation Bamboo low cost housing
4 Feynman Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Robotic mobile construction
5 Favo Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Construction 3D printing with custom built swarm robotic system
6 Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 3D printing in construction
7 MICOB Private Limited 3D concrete printer
8 Suresh Chawla Precast panels
9 Rahul V Ralegaonkar (VNIT, Nagpur) Sustainable construction material uising agro-industrial by-products
10 Perumalla Komal (PIDBOSS) PPVC (prefabricated prefinished Volumetric construction) technology
11 Slab Engineering Private Ltd. 3D volumetric precast technology - design

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