Government of India

8th meeting of the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring committee (CSMC) – 28th April, 2016

Title: 8th meeting of the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring committee (CSMC) – 28th April, 2016

  • Proposal for Addendum to para 13.4 of the Minutes of 4th Meeting of the CSMC under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- (PMAY) Housing for All (Urban) held on 21.12.2015 in New Delhi
  • Central Assistance for 2 BLC Projects submitted by the State government of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Central Assistance for 1 ISSR Project submitted by the State government of Punjab
  • Central Assistance for 8 AHP Projects submitted by the State government of Uttar Pradesh
  • Central Assistance for 1 ISSR, 2 BLC and 49 AHP projects submitted by State of Maharashtra


  • CSMC considered following projects for Central Assistance:
    • accorded approval for Central Assistance amounting to Rs. 3.36 Crore for 2 projects submitted by State Government of Jammu & Kashmir under BLC vertical of PMAY – HFA (Urban) for ‘New Construction’ of 224 EWS dwelling units. CSMC decided to defer consideration of the proposal under the BLC project for ‘enhancement component’ for further deliberations
    • accorded acceptance for Central assistance of Rs. 12.80 crore for 1 project submitted by State Government of Punjabunder ISSR vertical for construction of 1280 houses of EWS category
    • accorded ‘in-principal’ acceptance to Central assistance for State of Maharashtra of Rs. 110.99 crore for two projects under BLC for construction of 7,399 houses in EWS category, Central assistance of Rs. 929.19 crore for 14 projects from MMRDA area under AHP for construction of 61,946 houses in EWS category and Central assistance amounting to Rs. 23.56 crore for one project under ISSR for construction of 2,356 houses in EWS category. CSMC deferred the agenda for considering Central assistance for EWS houses proposed for ‘enhancement’ under BLC component of the Mission at Akola and under AHP component of the Mission from towns other than MMRDA area.
  • CSMC requested the Uttar Pradesh State government to resubmit the projects after carrying out necessary modifications so as to ensure that the building plans conforms to scheme guidelines and NBC norms
  • Economic Advisor (MoHUPA) briefly presented the details regarding Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC-2011)
  • The representative of Punjab informed that the State Housing Policy has incorporated CLSS component for which land is being contributed by the State
  • Joint Secretary (Housing) advised all the State representatives are also to engage with Central Nodal Agencies to propagate CLSS in their respective States, so that the potential beneficiaries under CLSS identified by demand assessment process are followed up in a focused manner.
  • States/UTs must complete Demand assessment & HFAPoA within June 2016 and expedite implementation of mandatory reform conditions so as to complete within 2016 to meet Mission Goals
  • States were asked to ensure compliances as per the list in minutes