Government of India

5th meeting of Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committe CSMC 25 January 2016


  1. Consideration for Central Assistance for 21 Projects submitted by Tamil Nadu (a) 10 projects under Beneficiary Led Construction or Enhancement and (b) 11 Projects under Affordable Housing in Partnership of PMAY-HFA (Urban).
  2. Methodology for Scrutiny of DPRs and Quality Monitoring for projects under PMAY - HFA (U) Mission


  1. CSMC considered following Tamil Nadu Government proposals:
  1. total Central Assistance amounting to Rs. 10,806.00 lakh@ 1.50 Lakhs per house for total 7,204 EWS houses for 11 AHP projects in 8 cities
  2. release of GoI share Rs.4,322.40 Lakhs as first installment for 11 AHP projects.
  3. total Central Assistance amounting to Rs. 24,408.00 Lakhs @1.50 Lakhs per house for 16,272 EWS houses for  BLC project in 163 towns. 
  4. release of first instalment of 40% amounting to Rs. 9,763.20 lakhs for 166 projects under BLC subject to scrutiny of the revised Annexure 7C submitted by the state for 157 projects and field scrutiny of sample DPRs selected by the Ministry.
  5. State should adopt proper mechanism to transfer fund to beneficiaries through DBT mode only.
  1. In Tamil Nadu BLC projects proposed, 09 projects are from 6 towns with 6272 DUs  and the 10th project is a combined project for 157 Nagar Panchayats covering 10,000 EWS DUs.
  2. HUDCO had scrutinized with site inspection of 3 DPRs submitted by Tamil Nadu for the towns of Salem, Chennai and Tiruchirapalli from the approved projects of the 4th CSMC. The observations were put on table during the meeting
  3. Chairperson clarified that CSMC shall only "accept the projects" approved by SLSMCs for considering Central Assistance for the projects under PMAY. In case any of the earlier minutes have recorded "approval of projects", an appropriate corrigendum shall be noted.
  4. Decisions were taken on following aspects of DPR Scrutiny
    1. Selection of DPRs for Scrutiny and Quality Monitoring
    2. Percentage of DPRS to be selected for desk and site scrutiny at the time of release of 1st instalment of Central Assistance under PMAY-HFA(U)
    3. Selection of agencies for scrutiny of DPRs under PMAY-HFA(U)
    4. Quality monitoring of houses before release of 2nd instalment
    5. Financial norms for the scrutiny of DPRs and quality monitoring of projects
  5. CSMC decided that the expenditure on Scrutiny of DPRs and Quality Monitoring for projects will be met out of ‘capacity Building- Preparatory Activities (Central Plan)’ allocation under PMAY-HFA(U) Mission
  6. BMTPC presented with special reference to Tamil Nadu, inputs of Technology Sub Mission