Government of India

1st meeting of the Central sanctioning and monitoring committee CSMC17 September 2015

Abstract: Updating progress of HFA and CLSS, technology submission, amendments in HFA Guideline and preparation of advocacy plan. CSMC approved financial norms for Capacity building activities, Establishment of State level Technical Cell (SLTC) and City Level Technical Cell, Third Party Monitoring (TPQMA) and Preparation of Housing for All Plan of Action (HFAPoA). CSMC approved the proposal to delegate authority to Secretary (HUPA) as Chairperson of CSMC for approval of annual capacity building plan including trainings and workshops, annual audit plan, annual quality monitoring and assurance plan of states/UTs and release of central assistance for SLTC, CLTC , TPQMA, social audit , preparation of HFAPoA and capacity building activities, subject to ratification by CSMC

1. Review of Progress of Housing for All (Urban) Mission
2. Approval of financial norms for various Capacity Building and other administration activities under the Mission
3. Proposal for delegation of authority to Secretary (HUPA) as Chairperson of CSMC and subject to ratification by CSMC