Brainstorming Session - 2

Formalizing Informal Settlements & SlumsRole of Planning, Policies and Financing

20th October 2022 Session Duration: 1.5 hours (02:00 pm - 03:30 pm)

Session Brief

This session designed as an interactive and moderated conversation where the speakers will share their responses to a set of key questions aimed at gaining an in-depth perspective on the theme. A few key questions are:

  • Slum networking/Integration as an idea has been around for a while now. But why is it that this idea has seen very limited successes and has not been able to scale up as was envisaged?
  • How can informal settlements be ‘networked’ and ‘integrated’ within the city since many are located along infrastructure corridors?
  • What are some mechanisms by which slums, and informal settlements can be encouraged to pay for the municipal services?
  • What are socio-economic implications of introducing fees for municipal services on slums/informal settlement households?
  • What are the models/mechanisms in lieu of municipal service provision in slums/informal settlements?
  • How can green/sustainable innovations/nature-based solutions help in creating new (affordable/durable) models of infrastructure provision to these overlooked areas?
  • How can infrastructure and service provision provide opportunities for local economic development, socio-economic empowerment and ultimately a reduction of poverty?
  • How can the well-being of the communities be achieved while providing a sustainable financing model for urban local bodies to meet the scale needed?

Chair and Moderators: Dr. Barsha Poricha, Technical Head, Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) 
Panel Discussion: (10 minutes each)
  • Ms. Banashree Banerjee, Independent Architecture & Planning Professional
  • Ms. Amita Bhide, Professor, Centre for Environmental Health, TISS
  • Sh. Anshu Sharma, Co-Founder, SEEDS 
  • Ms. Darshini Mahadevia, Professor & Associate Dean, Arts, Ahmedabad University
  • Sh. Vishal Singh Chouhan, Municipal Commissioner, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
  • Ms. Aparna Das, Senior Advisor GIZ,India
* Speakers are to be confirmed

Dr. Barsha Poricha

Technical Head, Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE)

Ms. Banashree Banerjee

Independent Architecture & Planning Professional

Ms. Amita Bhide

Professor, Centre for Environmental Health, TISS

Sh. Anshu Sharma

Co-Founder, SEEDS  

Ms. Darshini Mahadevia

Professor & Associate Dean, Arts Ahmedabad University

Sh. Vishal Singh Chouhan

Municipal Commissioner, Dewas Madhya Pradesh

Ms. Aparna Das

Senior Advisor GIZ,India  

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